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A facilitator can open the door to meetings that deliver results!


Facilitating means "making it easy" or "easing a process." 


The key role of a facilitator is to create an environment in which the group dynamics can flourish so that the group can reach a successful decision, an action plan or a conclusion.


A facilitator plans, guides and manages a meeting in order to ensure that the group's objectives are met effectively, with clear thinking, good participation and consensus from everyone involved.

A facilitator uses various tools and techniques to manage discussions in order to get the best from all members and to bring the meeting to a successful conclusion.

At Collaï, we offer state of the art facilitation services for your meetings. We design, facilitate and report the meetings that have strategic importance for you.

Collaï facilitation services use a three-step-approach:

  1. Planning and designing of the meeting  process, selecting the tools that best help the group progress towards the desired outcome.

  2. Guiding and controlling the group process to ensure that there is effective participation, a mutual understanding, everyone’s contributions are considered and the outcome is commonly agreed.

  3. Ensuring that outcomes and questions are properly recorded and a set of actions is defined.

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