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Let us design and facilitate a meeting for you! You will be surprised!

Vision Meetings

With the participation of all your team, Vision Meetings are ideal for shaping up the future of your company, building the strategies for the next year, agreeing upon the action plans.

We produce a rich content in these meetings, reviewing all the perspectives and discussing several ideas. There is always high commitment as all results come from the collective thinking.

World Café 

Facilitation in a café environment, what is better than that?


If you would like to work on a particular question or make a fast diagnostic work followed by a concrete action plan in about 3 hours, World Café should be your choice.

Adaptable to very large groups as well, the World Café offers an efficient methodology for producing collectively and collecting action ideas in a cosy café environment. 

Thematic Meetings

If you want to produce ideas or make an action planning around a particular theme, we can design and facilitate a thematic meeting for you.

The theme of such a meeting can be “collaboration”, “a better work environment”, “improving the team spirit”, as well as a specific topic that is related to your annual targets.

Thematic meetings not only make sure that you produce intelligent actions around a theme but also do a great work on team motivation and spirit.


How about having your in-house facilitators trained?

We know that our Collaï facilitation services help our clients a great deal.

A meeting that is designed and facilitated by a facilitator is a meeting during which no time is wasted and that delivers results.


As a member of International Association of Facilitators (IAF), we make efforts to promote the power of facilitation.


If you would like to build a facilitator pool in your company, we can train your employees on facilitation skills and can help them become effective internal facilitators.

We have two levels of training: Beginner and Advanced. 


Want to know how well your in-house facilitators are doing?

You want to be sure that you deliver high-quality facilitation service in your company.

Your in-house facilitators would like to get precise, useful and practical feedback to be even better at what they do.


At Collaï, we have a great competency based in-house facilitator assessment service.


We do live assessment of your facilitators at your place and deliver a detailed report, fully based on competencies. A free feedback session comes with this service to make it even more useful. 


How about adding a visual dimension to your meeting?

Our visual facilitation team can do "live scribe" of your meeting while we facilitate. 

A live scribe is the visual drawing of the meeting content right during the meeting. You can have a high quality oen pager image of the full content with gorgeous graphs and drawings. 


It is a lot of fun, too! 

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